Do you ubuntu? We do in Vermont!

Esther Schindler sent me this link since she saw it came from a library in a small town in Vermont.

I never even heard of this linux based o/s (only because I really don’t pay much attention… there’s already too much for me to learn.). But the video says it all. Happy happy librarian.

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One thought on “Do you ubuntu? We do in Vermont!

  1. Yeah, I’m curious to see how well Ubuntu does given that Vista is so lack-luster. I think for some of us geekier types it might almost be a viable solution. Interesting too that, apparently, the woman making the video is named Jessamyn. My oldest daughter’s name is Jessamyne (which is an Afrikaans ‘tweak’ of the Arabic Jasmyne)…. suffice it to say I figured Jessamyne was likely the ONLY Jessamyne in the US ;)…. but it looks like she has some competition in the form of a Jessamyn. (And now I’m going to shut up or people will think I’ve gone off my meds.)(Wait, I’m not on meds – never have been.)(Shut UP you fool… this thing is still on!!!)

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