FoxPro 2.6 (16 bit app) and new super fast computers

Yes, let me get this out of the way. I have a FoxPro 2.6 application I still use to run a project for a client. In fact, I use the windows version to do the data entry and the DOS version to print out 300 pages of reports for them monthly. (All this STILL on Windows XP SP1 – thank you Raymond Chen & co.!)

However, I have a new computer. It is 2.8 ghz and has 2 GB of RAM. It’s the speed that is creating a problem, not the O/S.

I have found ONE documentation of this problem anywhere on the web and it was on so I thought I would also make note of it here. It wasn’t until I read the thread, that I realized the pattern.

FoxPro 2.6 still works, but after about 24 hours of uptime on the computer, it stops working with this error message when you try to start up FoxPro.

The Win16 SubSystem has insufficient resources to continue running. Click on OK, close your applications, and restart your machine.

I have mucked with file handles and all types of settings to no avail. Right now my solution is to reboot. But I will eventually juggle some computers around. Give Rich the one I just stopped using which is a little faster and newer and has USB ports and use his computer for doing this process. This is acceptable. It’s an old program. But I’m worried about the hundred or so people out there who use a foxpro real estate application I wrote and rely heavily on it. I have explained the problem pretty clearly on the support page for that product, but I think it will be a while before these people have to worry about this.

In the meantime, I need to test it on sp2, though I trust it will be fine.

for google: win 16 win16 fpw26 foxpro 2.6 foxprow

Update Jan 2006: I have loaded both FoxPro 2.6 Windows and FoxPro DOS on Windows Vista CTP 5270 and run some applications. I haven’t tested them throroughly (and not done enough testing to check on the problem that this post is about, but they run!)

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