Google your FIRST name?

You’ve GOT to be kidding me. Robert Scoble mentions in a post on searching for people that if you google “Robert” he comes up second (well 3rd in my search – but damned impressive). So just out of curiousity – well, I came up on page three – after a few Julia Childs a few more Julia Roberts and a heck of a lot of other Julia’s. It was just funny to see. Now Avonelle Lovhaug, she’s got a good google first name! She comes out on top. Shelley Powers is a page one hit though she does have to compete with a poet and that Frankenstein author. Halley Suitt– A#1 Halley. Rory Blyth gets a first page, but is topped by Rory Gallagher and the phenomenal Rory Block. Werner Vogels even eeks it onto the bottom of page one for Werner’s (glad to see one of my favorite director’s there too.) Okay, so these are not TOTALLY common names, but ROBERT is not that unique! Anyway that was a silly use of my time.

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