hangin’ out in the dotNetRocks Speaker Lounge

Last Thursday, Carl pulled together a bunch of people for a “speaker lounge” dotNetRocks show. It was a bit chaotic, but really fun . Along with Rory and Carl were me, Don Kiely, Kathleen Dollard, Bill Vaughan, Scott Hanselman, Patrick Hynds, Mark Dunn and Dan Appleman. I had a major lightning storm so I had to bail out just after Dan came on but he was awesome. I don’t really know Dan, but certainly I have benefitted from his experience quite a lot over the years. He has just done something very interesting, which is to write an internet security book for end users “Always Use Protection: A Teen’s Guide to Safe Computing“. He is on tour with the book and is such a great interviewee.

The discussion ranged from technical to very non-technical. So it really was just like hanging out with my pals in the speaker lounge (or the cabana!)

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