Have I stopped programming – what’s all this non tech posting??

I’m feeling a little burned out. I got a taste of life before user group/ineta/blogging/etc when my friends would not let me near my computer for the entire long weekend of Thanksgiving. I finally got to hike on the parts of the Long Trail that are accessible from our back yard and also on Camels’ Hump which is a mere 4 mile drive to that trail head. So I’m trying to focus on my client work (though I have to get out the INETA Newsletter for December!!) and some non-technical things that have been catching my attention.

I finally noticed how many damned posts I wrote in November. It’s completely insane. But I had SO much information bubbling around in my head after PDC that I absolutely had to get it OUT of my head and blogging was the perfect outlet and better storage system than my poor brain. I think now I’m just feeling a little drained (err “empty headed”?) and now need to focus again on some of my client work. But then I look and see how much is going on with people’s experiments with Whidbey, Avalon, Longhorn, etc and am already terrified of getting stuck in the mud and falling behind. Eeek! It’s a pretty scary trap to fall into.

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