I am *not quite* a non-admin VB6 Developer

Now that I have switched to non-admin there is one problem that forced me back to admin last time I tried this. Building VB6 executables. This may be due to the fact that this app has been worked on for years as an admin, but as a non-admin, I do not have access to particular registry keys that need to be modified during the build. (And I once did attempt to deal with that, but really screwed up my whole system!) So I finally figured out a workable solution. I can do all of my development in my non-admin mode. When it is time to build (which is rare these days anyway), I just log out, log in as admin, build, do a few QA checks and then when I ‘m happy, log back out and back in to my non-admin login.  THen do the QA checks again and all is well.

I tried to “run as” admin when starting up VB6 but that wasn’t’ working very well (can’t remember what the problem was…). This solution seems to be okay. Just so long as I am not LIVING in admin mode. Then

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