I love my user group!!!

I love talking to the Vermont.NET user group! These are my friends. It feels a lot more like teaching and sharing than presenting at a conference with a strict time limit to a group of people that may or may not like your presentation style and may or may not understand that you are there because you really truly want to help them understand something that is hard.

Tonight I spent 3 hours doing my WSE talk which is really two talks. Since our  meeting is 6-9, this wasn’t a bad thing. They were warned! Though not everyone lasted the whole 3 hours – I’d say 1/2.

First it is a whole presentation explaining the tools of security. The second part is an introduction to WSE2 along with explanation of some of the problems you may run into when you are not working in a perfect text book setting. It’s a little hard doing it at night since I myself started to get a little tired, but I kept checking, they wanted the brain dump so that’s what they got. It was really really fun and I know I really helped a good bunch of the people there. I got to answer every question that anyone had (it was a small group) which is something that you just cannot afford to do in a conference talk. There were a few questions that went a little deeper than my knowledge goes, but I answered with what I could and we decided to dig up the rest another time.

Even if I have to do it as two separate talks, I always want to do these together.

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