I’m a fan after my first streamed movie from Netflix

For the last bunch of years, Rich and I have subscribed to Netflix during the winter when it gets dark early and cancel it around late spring when we can stay outdoors later, then start up again around Christmas time.

When Netflix introduced streaming this summer, we started looking into options for connecting our laptops (no s-video or DVI) to our TV. We never thought of watching the movies on our computers. At first, the offer was that you could watch as many hours as the cost in dollars of your plan – $19/month for the 3 movies at a time plan meant you could also watch 19 hours online. Which should be more than enough!

But that all changed recently when Netflix opened up the streaming with no limits (that I’m aware of).

We still, however, don’t have the hookup for the tv.

But I’ve been sick with a really nasty cold for the past week which seems to get worse and worse. Can you imagine ME actually not being able to talk! (Yes, Rich thinks its a small miracle! :-)) But today, I curled up in bed where I wanted to be, picked a sweet, not quite sappy, indy film (The Treatment) and watched it over the wireless network in our house. It was perfect.

There was a point when it went a little crazy because I ran out of room on my C:\. SO I had to crash it and go clean up things like the 4GB VS2008 install file that was on my desktop and then I watched the rest of the movie with no problems.


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