In the hallways at MIX

I was happy today to bump into a few people I haven’t seen in a while. Don Box is at MIX to give a talk tomorrow with Steve Maine on “Navigating the Programmable Web” .

RSS. ATOM. JSON. POX. REST. WS-*. What are all these terms, and how do they impact the daily life of a developer trying to navigate today’s programmable Web? Join us as we explore how to consume and create Web services using a variety of different formats and protocols. Using popular services (Flickr, GData, and Amazon S3) as case studies, we look at what it takes to program against these services using the Microsoft platform today and how that will change in the future.
It was fun catching up with Don for a few minutes. It sounds like he continues to perform his wizardry at Microsoft, dreaming up new approaches and concepts for software development.
I also was very happy to see Susan Warren who I haven’t seen since PDC05 where she showed me her latest project, Digital Locker, which has since become a big success. Susan has been working at Vertigo Software with Scott Stanfield for about 4 years now and clearly loves it. She even brought her twin sister, Anne, in to work for the company. I guess that makes Scott twice as lucky.
The Vertigo team was here in full force to show off their latest big project, Family Show.
A little later I bumped into Jim Bonnie, a guy from the New England .NEt community that I know through the Code Camps. Jim is a contractor  who has been doing some crazy data acrobatics for a project for Verizon. I’m sure he’ll leave MIX exploding with new ideas!
I heard rumors of Rory Blyth being around. That’s another face I haven’t seen in ages!

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