Inside the Conference Bubble

At the end of PDC, I realized that I was in a bubble all week. I had stopped fretting over the Katrina disaster which is hardly behind us. Not once did I phone my parents to say hi. I didn’t even send so much as a Hollywood postcard to my friend who was in the hospital. The only non-conference related contact I had with anyone was a few phone calls each day to my husband who had had a very scary and bloody hiking accident the day before I left for Los Angeles. I had no idea there was a hurricane in the Carolinas and completely forgotten about the rising cost of gas. This is the conference bubble. The world outside the conference and its focus just doesn’t exist. I was only a few miles from the ocean and did not visit it. Nor did I see the ocean when I was at TechEd in San Diego.

Does anyone else feel this way? It makes me feel guilty to forget the world for a while.

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