Kent….it’s okay to notice that we’re chicks!

Poor Kent [Tengels] …he’s in between a rock and a hard place. It’s the old post-feminist quandry: “Should I open the door and be polite or will I be accused of being sexist?”

Why did I say I think “dasBlonde” is very funny for the name of Michele’s blog? Well, she is blonde (and brilliant), she’s using dasBlog and it’s a good play on words. Kent, it’s okay to notice. From my perspective, as I should let Michele speak for herself…just don’t make it be what I’m all about. I’m a programmer and I’m a chick* and I have red hair (well hard to define the color really sometimes 🙂 ) and I live in Vermont.

*Why the heck do I say “I’m a chick”? Because I’m way too old to say “I’m a girl”, I’m way too young to say “I’m a woman”. Don’t dare call me a lady. So “chick” works for me – it feels timeless, ageless and cool. But on my terms as there are many ways to use that word and I certainly don’t like all of them.

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