Kids and Karate

Sam Gentile posts that his 6 (or now 7?) yr. old son Jonathan just earned his orange belt in Karate. My nephews take karate and it has been an incredible thing for them at these young ages. They learn to focus at a young age, they learn about the reality of their strength and to redirect anger, aggression etc. My nephews are 5 years apart in age. The elder of the two, Josh, began taking Karate at the age of 7 (hmmm I think a different one of the martial arts – but the lessons are the same), my brother and sister-in-law were astonished at how careful he was with Zach as well as how much better he got in school and they attribute it to these classes. I’ve met Sam’s son, Jonathan. He is (naturally) a very bright and curious kid, so I can guess that he, too, is grasping these lessons pretty easily as well.

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