Like my new colors?

If you actually look at my website rather than reading my posts through an aggregator (a rarity I imagine…) did you notice that I changed the background colors of my blog and the title font?

I did this because last night as I was creating this post  and then validating the links, I couldn’t tell whose site I was on sometimes. Most of the people referred to in that post use dasBlog and of them, a good portion of us are using the basic dasBlog Theme. So I wanted to just make mine a different color in order to distinguish it a bit. I really like the color scheme of the WinXPOlive Theme that Bob Roudebush created for .Text which I am using on the “discussions on women in i.t.” blog. So I mucked with the style sheet for the dasBlog theme until I got the right settings in there to modify this page.

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