Lora Heiny on dearth of young women MVPs

Lora talks about the obvious technology male/female ratio that played out at the MVP summit as it does elsewhere.

“Not surprising. It’s the tech industry, afterall. Wow – I can say that way too easily, and it is a standard excuse when you’re looking at groups of people who are in their late 20s and older. Is this acceptable with the college age and younger crowd though? “

She brings up an interesting point about the very young MVPs – teens and college students. The only college age MVP female I konw is Stacey Yasenka from Ohio. I met her when I kept asking “isn’t there even ONE girl in the Student Ambassador program.” She now proudly tells me there are three! But there were even some highschool boys – I still have not gotten over the shock that Brian Desmond is 16 – but no girls that we are aware of. Lora talks about her teenage neices and their experiences online which turned them away from talking about technology online. Again, none of this is political – it’s just that age old question – “why?”.  Loren also commented on this blog and referred to it as the bathroom index. I almost got booed for teasing the guys in their long line for the men’s room when I got to trot right into the lineless ladie’s room at the summit.

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