Do I need to say the last name ? It’s Maryam Scoble. As famous as her hubbie from his many endearing and occasional “please save me from this totally outspoken chick!“ blog posts about her.  I got to meet Maryam when I was in Seattle. First on Saturday night, where I was so happy to meet her, feeling as if I knew her so well, I forgot that she had no CLUE who I was and just threw my arms around her. It turned out to be a-okay. We had a wonderful time and also had dinner together with Alan Griver and Olga Londer on Sunday night – two more of some of the nicest people I know. That was a very interesting and international dinner in so many ways. Here’s an adorable picture of Maryam with Robert in Vancouver. I almost like it as much as this one which I believe was taken on their honeymoon. LOL. Love ya Maryam.

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