Microsoft and DVD P*rn?

This story was on NPR (MarketPlace) last night.

Pushing buttons in the DVD wars We all know who won the 1980s home video war between Sony’s Beta format and VHS. Well, it’s deja vu all over again in the battle over super clear high definition DVDs. Once again, the future of the video technology we use at home will be greatly influenced by shadowy forces outside mainstream Hollywood — namely, the p*rn industry. Claude Brodesser has the story.
I have no problem with this, just thought it was funny that during the course of the story, they said that a certain software giant in Seattle helped him with some of the technology issues he was having. The audio requires Real to be on my computer and I refuse to install that pestilent virus on my machine, so I can’t confirm exactly how they said it. But it sure sounded like they were inferring it was Microsoft with a little chuckle.

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