Microsoft Locker Room etiquette 101

So you’re in the locker room (let’s say you’re a guy and it’s the men’s locker room). There’s sweaty Steve Ballmer standing 6 feet away getting ready to take a shower. You are the only two guys in the locker room.

What do you do?

Ignore him?
Say “hey, pretty impressive lifting I saw you doing out there, dude”? (well, you might want to skip the “dude“ part…)
Ask him why the hell there are so many different image editing applications from MS?
Tell him you think it’s time you got a g*-d* raise?

Luckily a quandry I’ll never be in. But if you’re Duncan Mackenzie (or some other MS employee working out at the corporate gym), you definitely have to worry about stuff like this. Read what Duncan has to say on the topic.

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