MVP – What about me?

I saw Paschal’s MVP post and the follow up conversation about it. I have been mulling this over and decided to comment on it as well. When I read the post I thought that Paschal was asking “what about Ireland?” and throwing caution to the wind regarding how he is perceived. To me, that matches up pretty well with his claim that he doesn’t want to be an MVP. His message, as I read it, was “not even one MVP in all of Ireland? Hello?”. And he said it even if it meant that, by making a stink about it, he looked, well, like a bit of a stinker.

I understand that message. I have been known to ping MVP leads about some people from Vermont that I wanted to make sure they were aware of. I was delighted to meet up with another Vermont geek at the MVP summit last year! And this is just a little state, not an entire country.

One of the issues for the MVP leads is that people need to get on their radar in order to be considered. Sometimes it takes someone else to make that happen. And even then, there are generally more qualified people than the numbers they are allowed to award to.

So, Paschal and I have different methods. I happen to know some of the leads so I can leverage those connections. He has his blog which definitely gets read, so that’s the route he takes. How about use the blog a little further – like have a category: “People I think should be on the MVP radar” – or something like that.

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