My first

I had to make some mods to my very first little excuse for diving into over 2 years ago, a small data management tool for my sister’s business. She maintains a list of stores which sell her products on an page (against an access database – hey, I didn’t have an online sql database yet) and then she pushes the data to an xml file over on her own [Frontpage] website and an asp page then transforms it with an xsl file to create a nicely formatted list of stores where you can buy her products.

Anyway…. 🙂 …. I had to make some changes to it tonight. What a piece of spaghetti crap it looks like to me now. I had no clue what I was doing with ADO.NET, performance, etc. Blecch. So of course I spent hours refactoring the major part of the app – couldn’t help myself.

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