one by one – my boxes go to SP2

The Acer got SP2’d when I cleaned it up to return to mhy client. I am going to install some of their custom software on it just to see how things go.

My Compaq EVO which I use solely for Whidbey work just got SP2’d and yes, Whidbey still opens up <g>

I have yet to do my Toshiba which is onthe last beta already although I’m a little more hesitant as I’m doingn some of my real development on this tablet.

Then of course is my real development box – my money maker. I’m just not emotionally ready to do it yet.

Last will be Rich’s computer, which is still on Win2000 because we have to go buy a new scanner first (that hpscanjet 5 won’t work on winxp)

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