Pavlov and Powering Off my P.C. Monitor

In the last [many] months, I generally work until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. We don’t have kids, but do have a few dependents – a wonderfully funny cat, G.B. and my beloved 10 year old Newfie, Tasha. These two have bed times, too. I know it’s 10pm because the cat suddenly appears, meowing, twirling around my ankles and wants to curl up in my lap. That’s because he likes to snuggle up next to me under the covers when I’m in bed, so this is the best he can do when I’m at my computer. (No wierd interpretations of this please). But the funniest thing is the Pavlovian reaction to the sound of me pushing the power button of my monitor to turn it off. Both the cat and the dog jump up. They know. “Finally, it’s time!!! She’s finished with that DAMNED thing and we can all go to bed.” Silly kids.

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