PDC indefinitely “postponed”… looks like I’m home for more than just the summer

While I have been revelling in the thought of not travelling all summer, today I learned two things that translate to my not having any travel plans until November.

I had hoped to speak at the SDN conference in the Netherlands in September but none of my session topics were selected. After that I had planned to attend PDC in October, but that’s not looking so good anymore.

Well, I’m definitely going to be in Las Vegas for DevConnections in the fall. We have a whole track just for Data Access talks in November, starting with 4 talks on Microsoft Day and then 9 more on the next two days. I am following up with a postcon 1/2 day also (more Entity Framework).

Then DevTeach is having a conference in Vancouver at the end of November. Of course, I can’t assume I’ll get to go there as a speaker, but I am crossing my fingers!

As for INETA user group engagements, I am currently waiting for the folks who do the scheduling to get caught up on their backlog of requests, but at the moment I have absolutely no INETA talks scheduled, which is weird after having done 15 in the current fiscal year. That is probably why I have nothing scheduled! Most speakers do 2 or 3 talks in a year. I just got a little carried away, but boy was it fun!

So my hope is that I am going to have a life this summer; ride my bike etc. Maybe when I reappear in the fall I’ll have shed a few of those nasty .NET pounds I have put on since 2002. Or maybe not, but a girl can dream 🙂

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One thought on “PDC indefinitely “postponed”… looks like I’m home for more than just the summer

  1. Bummer eh? I was planning to only attend PDC and DevTeach (Vancouver is just a hop, skip and jump for me) so now it’s one conference until the end of the year. Well, lots of time to get material prepared 😉

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