Revising BCL Whidbey Talk once again for ASPConnections

In preparation for ASPConnections, I am revising my What’s New in the Whidbey Base Class Libraries talk for the 3rd time. I first wrote it against the PDC bits and presented it last February. Then I revised it with the May 2004 bits to present at DevTeach in June. For ASPConnections in November, I used the October CTP (which I put on my demo box just days before the conference). Now I am updating it again using the November CTP. I am also trimming it down and shifting some of the focus. Most importantly for this version of the talk (as for what I did in November) is to focus on what is of use and of interest to developers writing ASP.NET Applications. I think these bits are really close to what we will see in Beta 2. If it is out before this conference, I will definitely update the demo box before the show.

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