Someone Masquerading as me on Indeed and LinkedIn

I have recently been contacted by multiple people who have been getting scam virtual assistant job offers on Indeed and LinkedIn from someone using the email address [email protected]. And they are attempting some standard scammy tasks like “here’s a check” (which is fake) ” please deposit it then transfer $ to [some weird place]”. Please don’t be taken in. It is not me. I don’t have accounts on any of those websites. has been alerted and have done something about that account. If you have been contacted by anyone like this, let me know.  And I’m so sorry. 🙁 

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One thought on “Someone Masquerading as me on Indeed and LinkedIn

  1. This must still be ongoing. I received an email stating I’ve been accepted as a personal assistant. I don’t think anything of it since I was applying to multiple personal assistant jobs on indeed. I was happy to have gotten the job and then received a check to be deposited. It would take a few days to clear and then asked if I had any money to spare since she was giving a donation to an orphanage. I thought it was a little strange she asked me to spare my money so I looked into it. I don’t think I applied for the “job” I was accepted for and then came across this.

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