Speaking at Binghamton Univ .NET Group

It’s not really an official .NET user group, but there is a Microsoft Student Ambassador at SUNY Binghamton (New York) who puts on a lot of .NET technical meetings there and has organized an Imagine Cup event  that takes place tomorrow. Since Binghamton is where my parents live and I really need (and WANT) to go visit, I am going to combine a trip and speak to Kenny Weiss’s group. The best part is that I will be doing the Defenses and Countermeasures session that I did at DevDays Hartford and Boston, so that will be great fun. Kenny’s efforts on campus are pretty impressive – he gets anywhere from 25-60 students at his “Tech Talks” and has organized the local Imagine Cup.

So the date is going to be Monday April 19th and I believe it starts at 5pm.

Hmmm maybe I can get a pal to come down from Cornell – if he’s not on one of his world tours! eh? (gratuitous link to be sure he sees this post…)


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