SSL, Intermediaries, WS-Security and Recruiters

…and recruiters? Well, yes, actually.

I was reading this post of Casey Chesnut’s where he is ranting about some of the annoying things recruiters do and says :

that disconnect being recruiters. you’ve got a high tech company on one end, then you’ve got technical workers on the other … and smack in the middle, somebody that does not know technology

I couldn’t help but think immediately of one of the SSL issues that is avoided with WS-Security. Things are secure when they are in the SSL pipe, but if you have an intermediary en route, your message has to exit the pipe and you can’t be sure that the intermediary is secure. With WS-Security, you *do* have end to end security as the sender and receiver are the only ones who can interpret the message.

So I had to laugh when Casey made that statement, because I just couldn’t help thinking of the somewhat skewed analogy!

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