Steele Price writes a summary of the Bleeding Edge BOF from Wednesday night

I was very lucky that Steele showed up as well as Michael Kaplan and a pair of folks (one developer, one marketing person) from Mobiforms who have all of their bets on a 3rd party tool they are working on for Avalon developers. I don’t think of myself as bleeding edge when I work in Whidbey because I look at people who are doing Indigo, or heck, the people who build (and keep pushing) the edge as bleeding edge. One thing I know is that it is all relative. I have more thoughts about last nights discussion and will write about that after I let them simmer a bit. But as Steele mentions, I think that the common theme was MOTIVATION. What motivates a developer or business to go to future products adn how do you motivate your developers to look ahead.

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