Story of a Mac Powerbook that got run over by a truck on the highway and survived

No, this isn’t “I used a Mac and survived”, but a great story about my neighbor’sMac powerbook that went through hell and survived.  I should qualify “neighbor”. He lives nearby, though I don’t think we’ve ever met. But he is a blacksmith who’s beautiful work you can see here on his site

He left it on top of his truck when he left his house last week and didn’t realize it until he arrived at his destination about 50 miles away. It had fallen off the car while he was driving down the road and yes, got run over. He posted a message on the local FrontPorchForum in case anyone saw it. I even called my husband to ask him to keep an eye on it on the way home.

Amazingly, some very nice person found it and brought it to Small Dog Electronics in Burlington who was able to track Jim down. More amazingly, it still works!

Jim blogged about this on Small Dog’s website. You can read a Jim’s story here and check out the bent up but still functioning powerbook.

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One thought on “Story of a Mac Powerbook that got run over by a truck on the highway and survived

  1. Hard to believe. I can’t imagine where on the roof of his truck he had kept the laptop and what happened to it until he was driving at 65mph. What’s more amazing is this some guy who picked it up and dropped it off at some private electronics store. Hmm, more mac marketing.

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