TechED SA Presentation DEV304: ADO.NET 2 and SQL Server 2005 Integration

I did the first of my 3.5 (I have two demos during the futures panel in addition to my talks) today. It was the above titled talk. As our talks are limited to 45 minutes (with an additional 15 for questions) this was a real whirlwind presentation. There is so much to share and I had to do so very efficiently using techniques like showing code, but maybe not always running it (“trust me, it works”) or when for some reason, deploying a sql server project did not pop my new sproc into SQL Server, umm, just move on (“trust me it works”). I always have fun talking about one of my fave .NET topics – and had my need to show off even more of SQLDependency sated by an additional 1/2 hour with some of the attendees out in the hall afterwards. This was a bit different than my regular talk as I focused on the SQL Server Integration and added in demos on the new XML type in SQL Server and it’s partner, System.Data.SqlXML and also demonstrated creating a database project in .NET and moving some of the intense but hard-to-code-in-TSQL processing to the server side.

Though I planned to work on tomorrow’s demos talk (Indigo intro) and futures panel demos (Indigo and ATLAS) and call it an early night, I have been struggling with the fact that no USB pointing devices are being recognized on my laptop. Fortunately (like, thank the demo gods…) my USB drive for VPC is working and thumbdrive also – so I willl just have to continue struggling with the touchpad. That makes moving the pointer slow going. For my tablet friends, yeah yeah, just use the pen, but picking up the pen, pointing, then putting it down and typing etc is not something I do smoothly either.

Tomorrow’s schedule: Tech Check at 7:30 am, futures panel from 10:30 – 1:00, Indigo (err WCF) talk at 2:30. The talk is a “get your head wrapped around Indigo” and I look forward to helping to bring more future Indigo/WCF users to their “oooooooh, I get it!” momentl.

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