To chris, who wants to know how often I hit the “i” key when I blogged over the past 2 years

Sent: Friday, February 17, 2006 4:45 PM
Subject: why do you auto highlight your pages? (via Julia Lerman Blog)

It took my like 300,000K of my memory, 50% of my CPU and 10 minutes to load one of your pages.

Why do you torture your visitors by doing highlighting at all, and even worse, by doing it on their side?

I didn’t even read the content because I was so bothered by the fact that it was trying to highlight everything, including the letter ‘i’ whereever it occured.
Dear Chris,
Is this for real or does everyone with a dasblog get this email?
The only way you would possibly get this behavior is if you did a search (using the search tool built into dasblog) on the letter “i”.
Here is the url when you use that search tool to search for “julie” in my blog:
So clicking that link you will first get a definite lag time while everyone of my posts is searhced for the word “julie” and then when it renders (with EVERY post on my entire weblog that has this word in it), it will highlight in yellow the word “julie” on the resulting page.
So imagine doing the search in the letter “i”. It will take quite some time to search through all of my posts and then return hundreds and hundreds of posts which will take a long time to render and THEN it will go through that entire rendered page and highlight the “i” s. And if that took ONLY 10 minutes, you must have one fast machine!
On the other hand, if you are searching for every time I used the letter “i” in a post over the last 2+ years, you have much bigger things to worry about.

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