Two extremes of the architect syndrome

Thanks to Chris Anderson, I was pointed to Michael Earl’s great post on something that I know *I* go through a lot and surely many of us do all of the time.

He talks about the Purist architects “cringes when you design a UI with business logic in it” vs. the Realist  who “has an acute awareness of the importance of puritanism, but also knows that the business is in the business to make money, not to pay for “perfect” software systems.”

Michael also states: “While neither of these two behavioral patterns is wrong, I believe that there exists a shiny bright place halfway between them where a good architect, engineer, or developer should strive to reside. “

Not 10 minutes ago I posted an email on the aspnet-architecture (AspAdvice) list asking a question that exposes my own struggle between these two bents.

The worst part of this for me is that a) I work alone and b) I’m a Libra (known for extensive self-debating).

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