Two really great posts from Robert Scoble this morning

Not to say that they are the only ones, but these two really stood out for me. Was it just because one was about a great outdoor gear chain and the other had something to do with Vermont? No, they both go much deeper than that.

The first gives some true visions from a successful retailer on future technology and how it will help his business – and this is something we developers should be paying attention to! It’s almost like a hot stock tip! And notice how Robert slips in that the guy uses a tablet?

The other is Robert’s take on why he is suddenly very disappointed with the whole phenom of the dean blogging thing. I have watched Halley Suitt and Robert get very caught up in the campaign (and Dave Winer was here helping them out just last week) and I wasn’t sure if it was because it involved blogging or because they are really behind what Dean wants to do for the U.S. I sure hope that he (Dean) is kidding when he says he wants the whole country to be just like Vermont – land of the $7.50/hour service jobs (and many people who need to have more than one job), taxes that are out of synch with incomes and let’s just say a little problem when it comes to health insurance. Robert accepts that the Dean Blog isn’t blogging as he knows and loves it, but politics as usual. There’s more than politics to Robert’s post and I dug the whole thing.

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