Undercover Interviewing Techniques

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a company in Thailand that is offering polygraph services for potential and current employees as well as hand-writing analysis and on-line ethics tests. A new low…

Pre-employment   polygraph    testing After you interview your candidates and you choose the one you think youwould like to hire, we will polygraph them to verify their CV. It is thefastest and easiest way to do it instead of trying to verify previous educationand employment by phone or letters that takes a long time. And sometime doesnot get the response on time or at all. We can provide you with pre-employmentpolygraph testing. This will verify the information on the CV from thecandidate him self. And usually you will get all the information you need thesame day or the next.
Periodic     screening For any size company that need to check on periodic basis that employeesare keeping with company roles and regulations. We will polygraph a fewemployees on monthly or bi-monthly basis. The employees never know when thetesting will take place or who will be tested.
Fact   finding    (specific issues) When ever company roles and regulations are broken or any kind ofdisputes, polygraph is the best way to get to the truth.

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