Using Hands on Labs to get used to C#

When I was at TechEd, I did the TabletPC hands on lab. It was in C#. It was the first time I realized that those poor people have to declare every event when they are coding (we get them for free in VB). But it also got me practicing constructors in C# and the curly braces and all.

When I wrote my doodle app, I started with some C# code from a demo and wrote the whole thing in C#. It’s a pretty straightforward app. But again, just more time in the saddle getting used to some little differences like constructing if statements, try/catch blocks etc and the totally anal capatilization.

Now I’m back into the WSE2 Hands on Lab again. It’s all C#. The first part of it is gobs and gobs of coding.

I like the flexibility of being able to go back and forth.

And I was really happy that I didn’t have to learn a new way to create a new line since I’ve been using System.Environment.NewLine in VB came out. reading this post of Sam Gentile’s on BCL Types. I wrote THIS one in response, which same saw and wrote “my work here is done.”

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