Virtual Earth does Ink!

I have added ink to Virtual Earth. It wasn’t easy, but I’m a bit of a pitbull when the computer tells me “no you can’t!”. Thanks to Dr. Neil Roodyn and ViaVirtualEarth for lots of help with building in additional features like zooming, panning and searching, to my application. ViaVirtualEarth is already a phenomenal resource for working with Virtual Earth and also has a great gallery of other applications people have written.

check it out

A few caveats:

  • Requires  the TabletPC 2005 Edition (on a tabletpc or with the TabletPC SDK install)
  • It won’t work with a full zoom out (showing the entire world) and I have to build something in there to prevent users from doing that
  • Pushpins won’t get carried over to the inking page
  • There are probably more. It is a work in progress…

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