VSLive SF and Snow in Vermont

Somehow I managed to get home last night at the scheduled time. The previous plane that was supposed to fly into Burlington was diverted to Albany, so I was lucky.

Powder day today! Though one morning of skiing through heavy powder was more than enough for me.

VSLive/Windows Anywhere was a blast. Lots to learn, everyone to see, new people to meet. Walt Ritscher posted some pictures from Wednesday night’s dinner when I *finally* got to get some sushi. Apologies to Sam Gentile since I neglected to call to let him know where we landed after I had had a few too many sakes.

I finally saw a Wacom digitizer that is a small device you can plug into your desktop and have inking capablities. I am definitely going to get one since I spend most of my time at my desk using my desktop computer.

The MS Tablet Team put together a great event Tuesday night at a very cool art gallery called Varnish.

This was after a long weekend in Seattle for the INETA working group meeting which Chris Pels blogged about and a few days of hanging out before heading to SF. I went on the Underground Tour of Seattle with Chris Wallace. It was fantastic and I highly recommend it. What a bizarre history Seattle has!

So now I am just trying to catch up with the emails then I’m off to Boston for Web Services Edge East on Tuesday then NYC to see a client the next week, then back to Boston for  Code Camp a few weeks after that and then Orlando for DevConnections a few weeks after that. That’s a lot of travelling for me, but nothing compared to what Kimberly Tripp rattled off the other evening!


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