What DO you do all day long?

My hubby and I have a new joke. It stems from the fact that he gets up at 6, leaves the house by 6:45 anrd doesn’t get home until about 6:30 pm. I do NOT get up at 6. I usually get up about 7 and then of course I have to pet the dogs for about 20 minutes. So he’s long gone by the time I’m up dressed and downstairs. We usually chat before he comes home – maybe to have him pick up a pizza or milk or something. Really it’s mostly because I just miss him. He has decided to tease me now that I really do that to figure out what time he is getting home so that I can be sure to be downstairs in the office with the computer on so that as he drives up the road and sees the lights and glow of the computer screen, he will be tricked into thinking I have been sitting there all day.

It’s definitely a plague of a contractor who works at home. People really think you might just be hanging out or doing anything but working. (Rich doesn’t really think so though). Friends sometimes call to chat during the day and I have to figure out how to get back to work without them thinking that I don’t love them enough to want to talk to them. If a client calls and I don’t answer the phone, they might think I’m out skiing or something. Clients calling in the morning often ask if they woke me.

I have been working for myself since about 1989…that’s 15 years. But this never seems to change. Sigh.

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