What does your dummy data look like

oops. Looks like Target’s dummy data got out into the live database. It’s definitely hard for large corporations to have a sense of humor about something like that. But as a number of people have noted, the bloggers have really gone to town on this.

So if you’re dummy data snuck out onto a website by mistake, what would you be hawking or promoting. I’ve got lots of job requests with clients like “G.B.” (my cat) requesting “feed me, dammit”. I would be selling my pets off one by one. I would have speakers at Vermont.NET named Joe Blow who are presenting on fascinating topics like “Al Gore and the invention of the Internet”.

I once worked with a company whose place holder error messages somehow got deployed into a demo package. They weren’t very flattering to the user who forgot to enter a person’s last name in the record data entry.

I dunno – I definitely looked at the Target thing from the perspective of a developer and felt serious sympathy for the person who let that slip through.

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