Who needs security on PPC anyway?

(note: for those of you who need this clarification – eg the anonymous commentor who gave me the big lecture 🙂 – the title and the last sentences of this post are intended to be sarcastic. Sheesh.)

In my talk on Preparing WSE3 Web Services for WCF at DevConnections, I was asked the dreaded question: do these work on the compact framework?

Nobody likes to get this question, because the answer is just way too embarrassing.

The answer is “No”.

This has been the cause a lot of ruffled feathers in the CF and Web Services community. Casey Chesnut , our resident genius, even wrote his own implementations: cfWSE and cfWSE2.

The last version of the WCF story that I heard was that R1 will not have it, but R2 will. The WCF footprint is small which will help enormously. But R2.

To top it off, though I don’t have a PPC and didn’t see this myself, I am astonished to learn through Softwaremaker, yet another place where security has been set aside: Passport logins. On the web, we get a login and a masked password, along with options to remember the login, password or both. Not only are those options gone with the PPC interface, but the password is not masked! Hello?

I suppose that it is another indication that people who use PPCs or write applications for them, are just not doing anything important enough to require security. I suppose.

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