Why is TechEd too big for New Orleans when NARS 30,000+ conference isn’t?

In a previous blog post, I moaned about TechEd 2007 being moved to Orlando rather than the originally scheduled New Orleans. Many of us were so happy that it was going to be in New Orleans for the sake of supporting the economy there. The reason had something to do with the airport saying they couldn’t handle the traffic for such a big conference.

I just received this comment from Matt Brewer and it really makes me wonder….

I am disappointed. I am at the Morial Convention Center right now attending the National Association of REALTORS Convention and there are 30,000 attendees. NO needs help getting back on their feet and I honestly have not been inconvenienced at all due to Katrina! Shuttle buses are running. Hotels are adequate and the French Quarter is almost to full capacity. NO is great!

Please reconsider Microsoft!!!!

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One thought on “Why is TechEd too big for New Orleans when NARS 30,000+ conference isn’t?

  1. The loss of the Microsoft convention was a blow to the moral of my hometown New Orleans,The story for the cancelation keeps changing with time.The lastest is that international flights were not available and this convention had a large number of international members.What happened to the "can do" spirit of this country?It would seem the tech world would be great at improvising and coming up with out of the box answers to this problem.New Orleans NEEDS the conventions to come back.Thank you for letting this New Orleanian know that it is not the members making this decision.It means a lot to me that people DO care.We live with Katrina everyday.But as I read on a blog the other day that means 1.)we are alive and 2.)we live in or near New Orleans and both of those things are good.Sorry you won’t be making it to the city.You would have had a wonderful time and you would have been a witness to history.

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