Women Who Code BOF at TechEd 2004

It looks like people are a suddenly little curious about either why there aren’t more women coding or why we aren’t aware of all of the women out there who are coding or some who just don’t understand why this is even an issue for many of us.

So, maybe this is a good time (or maybe a bad time?) to bring this up (heh heh) but I just HAPPEN to be running another Women who Code BOF at TechEd 2004. Why don’t you all just come to the session and we can talk just about this ONE topic for a little while. I would love to see some people who are wondering *why* we even care about this issue come to this session. Or just understand what some of us think these issues actually *are* rather than reacting based on something different.

It looks like they have worked out the the hiccups of dual servers, so go see all of the great BOF sessions so far and vote as you wish.

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