Would cheap computers help Africa?

Last month, I noted an article about HP trying to bring technology into impoverished communities in Africa with the hope that access to information will be a big help. Perhaps in some insulated cases, the benefits will be measurable. However, you may have noticed the many references yesterday (AIDS awareness day) to the fact that South Africa has the highest rate of AIDS in the world. Will people in those AIDS striken AND impoverished communities benefit from access to the internet?

Caterina Fake, on misbehaving.net, points to a counter argument by a woman from a different part of Africa, Cameroon.

Update: Dare Obasanjo, who is from Nigeria and someone who has my utmost respect,  chimes in.  Dare certainly knows more about Africa, as a continent, politically and socially,than most of us who are looking at this issue through our small and distant portholes.

Don’t Forget: www.acehaid.org

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