Writing articles/books/conference presentations against beta software

Rick Strahl is trying to tie up an article on client ScriptCallbacks in ASP.NET 2.0. He’s having a rough time because .NET 2.0 is still, in some respects, a moving target. I rewrote my ADO.NET 2.0 article for MSDN Magazine 3 times based on releases between my first draft and publication date. My CoDe Mag article on Debugger Visualizers also had to be updated just before publication when the object model changed. I believe one author had to throw out an entire chapter of an upcoming ADONET 2.0 book since a namespace was removed. Oops.

.NET 2.0 is very close, but they have definitely been fixing some issues since Beta2. I know that the way that ADO.NET 2.0 works with SQL Server 2005’s Query Notification has been reworked from the inside out (on the outside it hasn’t changed dramatically though) and I’m trying to get a presentation ready (powerpoints are due 2 months before the conference) so that’s been fun.

Actually, it *is* fun. We complain and maybe spend more time than normal dealing with keeping up with the shifts, but it’s fun. I know that the changes in Query Notification have made me look much deeper into the plumbing than I might have otherwise – which only helps to make me understand it better. It’s definitely a rollercoaster ride – filled with passengers who all share a common disorder.


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