WSE2.0 and ADO.NET 2.0 at Mid Atlantic Code Camp May 7th

There were so many awesome submissions (speakers and topics) for the MAD Code Camp that poor Andrew Duthie and the track chairs had a really hard time fitting it all in. I made a bit of a nuisance of myself so that I would be able to present my ADO.NET 2.0 session (in addition to my WSE2.0 talk) which ended up meaning that Geoff Snowman, the local Developer Community Champion, gave up his session so that I could do mine. Thanks Geoff! I sure hope I was doing you a favor though!! 🙂

Also, my talk will be right before another ADO.NET 2 topic by Sahil Malik. He will be drilling into concurrency in ADO.NET 2.0, so that will be a great pair of sessions back to back.

Watch this space to see the session schedule which will be put up soon. The Code Camp is from 9am – 9pm with 4 tracks. It will be awesome. It is at Microsoft’s Reston office. There is still plenty of room for more attendees, so go sign up!!

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