Demos just don’t work like real life

I did an MSDN Webcast today on Introducing WSE 3.0. Since I had an unusually short amount of time to get through all of my demos,I practiced them over and over (even though they were old hat to me ;-)) just to make sure nothing unexpected happen.

On the very last demo, where I created a new Policy that had “SecureConversation” turned on, it threw an error when I ran the client side app. There was not time to deal with the error and since I knew I had done everything correctly, I moved on, highlighting the key take-away of the demo (which was not seeing “Hello World” on a black screen, but what SC is and how easy it is to implement.)

Now I have just gone back to see what wasn’t lined up. I ran the demo again so that I could see what the error was and make sure the code was a-ok before I posted it…. and wouldn’t you know, it just friggin worked. And I hadn’t touched anything yet.

As my grandmother and all of her grandmothers before her would say: Oy Vey!

[update: see this post for information on the sample code, etc. and this post for more info on the SecureConversation demo]

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One thought on “Demos just don’t work like real life

  1. Hello. First of all, very good presentation, good material, I like presentations with a lot of demos and this was one of them.One question: Will the source code be available to download and try at home?Thank you very much.Daniel Alvarez

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