DevTeach Hacking ClickOnce PPT and Demos

Yesterday, I presented a session at DevTeach called Hacking ClickOnce. I have lived the web based deployment pain for many years and finally found success with ClickOnce after I worked out some unsupported scenarios with ClickOnce. I wrote about this in an article in CoDe Magazine’s Nov/Dec 2006 issue called Real World ClickOnce. I then decided to turn my lessons into a talk for DevTeach.

At the end of March, I got a new laptop that has Vista on it and have been using it for presenting ever since. Unfortunately, I discovered an unsurmountable problem with one of my hacks when trying to emulate deploying apps via IIS7 (it is locked down much more tightly than IIS6, even when using the “classic .net” app pool) on the Vista machine. But since my hacks work perfectly well in IIS6 and that is still the current web server technology for Windows, I went forward with my presentation; working around the IIS7 issues because the lessons are still totally valid.

It was definitely a little frustrating but hopefully worth the effort. 🙂

I have posted an updated version of the Powerpoint along with the demos onto the DevTeach site for attendees as well as on my TALKS page for others to check out.

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