INETA Speaking “Tours”

Somehow, almost everytime I schedule an INETA speaking event, I end up getting asked to speak at another nearby group as long as I’m there. Why not? I say. It’s fun, and I control my schedule. Luckily, the user group leaders have been flexible enough so that I can do the talks on consecutive nights.

I have 3, not 4 such trips coming up.

The first is a twist on the concept: my “Atlantic Provinces Tour”. I am speaking at 3 groups in Canada’s Atlantic Provinces over the course of 10 days. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is my summer vacation and my husband is joining me.

June 19th: New Brunswick.NET in Moncton, New Brunswick.
June 20th: .NET Nova Scotia in Halifax, Nova Scotia
June 26th: We Develop.NET in St. John’s Newfoundland

Trip 2 is a Western Pennsylvania tour. Coincidentally (yeah, right), the last meeting is about a hour drive from my parents house. So I will spend a few days visiting them before I head back to Vermont.

July 18th: Central Penn in Harrisburg, PA (right near Hershey, PA… yummmm)
July 19th: Leihigh Valley.NET in Bethlehem, PA
July 20th: Dot Net Valley in Scranton PA

Trip 3 is an Ohio tour which started with the idea of paying a visit to Lake Quincy (Steve and Michelle Smith’s home) near Cleveland. Then I added on two other meetings.

Sept 12: Cleveland .NET SIG
Sept 13: Findlay Ohio .NET User Group
Sept 14: Dayton .NET Developers Group

In between are scattered events: NYC in mid-August, 2 Massachussetts groups in early August and Syracuse in September.

(rather than sit here and do all the links, I will point you to my talks page where you can click to these groups’ websites)

Reminds me of an old song from the musical Oklahoma!

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