My new presentation aid

This is an attempt to alleviate a problem that I have had a few times when presenting. Even though I check the time constantly during my talk (and will be using a travel clock from now on rather than my watch – great tip from Kate Gregory and also they were provided for us at TechEd), I have, on a few occasions gotten so involved with the talk that I couldn’t even remember what time it started or when it was supposed to end. Stupid, right? Hey, let’s just call it “passion”! You should be thrilled that I am so enthralled, eh? 🙂

Well, since I am aware that this is a problem, rather than just saying “well, that’s silly, I can remember next time” I have a better plan of attack!

 No, they are not glued to my laptop. Just laid out on top of it for the photo op.

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