Presenting an MSDN Webcast, my first solo experience

I just did my first solo MSDN webcast today. Being the worrywart that I am, I was a little nervous. Here’s the lowdown …hopefully useful for other first timers! [read more….]

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One thought on “Presenting an MSDN Webcast, my first solo experience

  1. Hi Julie,Just wanted to say "Thanks" for the great webcast on WSE 3.0 – got me excited about it again and I started putting together some demos. I really struggled though with the certs – kept getting errors of all kinds. The final error I found you had already discussed in the msdn managed newsgroups. It was this line:"1) Did you check the "allow test root" option on the security page for the wse configuration of the client and service app?"That was something that you had done outside your demo and I had a time of it trying to figure out why your’s worked and mine didn’t.Anyhow – thanks again and hope to see ya in Cleveland at the .net sig in Sept! That’s my home group.regards,BillC

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