but zombies don’t run…

Poor Rich (that’s my hubbie). He is, for some wierd reason, a big fan of zombie movies. Every time he finds some variety at the video store that he has somehow missed, he brings it home to watch. So of course, he was VERY excited about the new revised “Dawn of the Dead” that was released last week. Being a good wife (and he comes to chick flicks with me, so…) I promised to go see it with him. We had planned to go on opening night, but that didn’t work out. I could not believe that there were actually FORUMS on the Dawn of the Dead (new movie) website! He is not alone.

So we saw it last night. Like most of these movies, it is a balance between scary, gross, silly and ridiculous. THough for the first 1/2 hour I really wanted to leave – I don’t like scary or gross. The movie wasn’t so bad. Pretty creative and not just a duplicate of the original. Some funny twists and a nice tribute to Mad Max. But the zombies were just all wrong. They RAN. They didn’t do their zombie thing – you know, arms up, swaying back and forth and just slowly coming at you and coming at you and coming at you. This was a huge disappointment to Rich. I did think that the opening and closing of the movie were pretty interestingly done….pretty hip. There was some wierd camera shit going on during the movie – that was maybe a little wierd.

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